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                  JUST SLEEVES™ Shrugs Resort Cruise Wear

Performance Wear:  Athletic Shrugs, helps protect against the elements,
Tennis & Golf wear, Bike wear,Workout & Dance sleeves,Your Arm Shaper

Fashion Sleeves:  Shrugs, Casual to Elegance, Sleeveless Outfits 
that need Arm Coverage,Your Travel wear, Cruise wear, Resort
shrug, JUST SLEEVES™, Sizes S thru XL, Ladies shrugs & boleros

Sun-Bubble:  Dolman sleeve fuller arm opening, Sun lovers answer,
Great over Sundresses, Swimsuits, Tank top, Sizes S thru XL, Elbow length

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 Sun lovers need                   protective sleeves

Women’s arms need feminine flair
Athletes need     performance wear

      Designs to enhance all your sleeveless styles and arm coverage needs!    
             Just Sleeves™